What we do

Applying human and cultural psychology to create more meaningful brand experiences

TapestryWorks uses simple, quick and intuitive approaches, based on our profound understanding of human behaviour. Our approaches map human emotions and motivations in minutes, allowing people to express implicit feelings in a direct, authentic and unfiltered way.

Capturing both universal and local truths

Our approaches are sensitive to cultural differences. Although standardised and automated, they can be customised for specific business challenges and local sensitivities.

We work closely with research, creative and media agencies to develop brand strategies, product and packaging identities, and customer experiences that match human needs and desires.

From consumer stories to brand experiences

All our work is grounded in behavioural science with expertise in semiotic analysis, cross-cultural research and sensory science.

Culture sense for brands.

What we're thinking

How we work

TapestryWorks regularly publish articles, case studies and thought pieces based on our work, including in industry publications and scientific journals. We will be sharing the best of these here soon.

Neil and TapestryWorks look forward to hearing from you. Contact us here with your questions and feedback, or to set up a meeting.

Who We Work With

Global experience, Asia focus

We work globally through a network of partner agencies and have applied our approaches in every continent. Asia is our base and we specialise in Asian consumers and cultures.