Review of Transport for Humans: Are we nearly there yet? by Pete Dyson & Rory Sutherland

A great read on how to rethink transport, covering many creative ideas and practical solutions for making transport work better for people. One of the over-riding themes is to start with how people actually see the world and not with how it really is, how we think it is (or even how we would like it to be).

Aside from repeating Rory Sutherland’s anecdote about faster trains, Chateau Petrus and supermodels, the book covers issues around delays and queues, the problem with focusing on quantification, optimism bias, and price and choice. Above all, Dyson & Sutherland want people to be treated as people and not as cargo.

I am writing this on a layover from my first international flight since the pandemic, so I truly appreciate the sentiments in the book.

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