What do you regret?

In The Power of Regret, Daniel Pink shares insights and data on the importance of regret in shaping our lives and, as he puts it, “looing backwards to look forwards”. The book is well written and based on his own data from an extensive study as well as many previous research studies.

Daniel Pink breaks down the regrets that people share into four categories: foundation regrets that they have not been responsible and conscientious (reflecting the need for stability), boldness regrets based on the chances that people did not take (reflecting growth), moral regrets based on the desire to be good, and connection regrets that speak to the neglect of important relationships in their lives.

He also shows another split between regrets that come from inaction (what people failed to do) and those that come from action (what should not have been done). Interestingly, regrets from inaction increase as people age.

This is a well written and interesting book with a number of lessons for all of use. Make mistakes but learn from them being the overriding theme. Enjoyable insights into human psychology.

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