Review of Good Habits, Bad Habits by Wendy Wood

A time when our lives have been disrupted is often a good time to consider changing habits. While some changes may have been forced on us enough times until they stick, others may be harder to achieve (or to stop).

In this book, Wendy Woods explains why some habits have already changed, why others are more difficult, and importantly how you can adopt good habits and stop bad habits. She discusses the underlying psychology of habit formation, and the three foundations on which habits are formed: context, repetition, and reward. With many examples of health-related behaviours, the author also looks at addictive behaviours and the allure of modern technology.

This is a good read on the psychology of personal habits, with clear and useful guidelines on changing your own behaviours. While there are more practical guides to behaviour change, this is a good primer on the forces that shape our personal habits.

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