Review of Tiny Habits: The small changes that change everything by BJ Fogg PhD

This may be one of the most useful self-help books I have ever read, full of practical advice and examples. The focus of the book is on building better personal habits, using the framework BJ Fogg developed, that behaviour depends on motivation, ability and a prompt converging, and work he has conducted with more than 60,000 people to help them change their behaviours.

The key insight and focus of the book is to make habits “tiny” by shrinking them to very small, easy to do actions that ensure that “ability” is as high as possible (the behaviour is very easy to do) overcoming any lack of motivation. He also talks in detail about hacking “prompts” by linking new behaviours to existing behaviours and making changes to your environment that encourage the right behaviours and discourage the behaviours that you want to reduce.

This is a book full of rich insights into what drives our behaviours, and more importantly provides a framework and a process for overcoming our biases and doing the right thing. If you have emerged from the last six months with some new habits, but are finding it difficult to change others, this may be the book to help you make the more difficult changes happen.


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