Review of Sensehacking: How to Use the Power of Your Senses for Happier, Healthier Living by Charles Spence

This is a great overview of how our senses impact our everyday lives, and some of the tricks we can use to manage them for better living. As the author says at the beginning of the book, “everything we perceive, experience and know comes to us through our senses”.

Charles Spence looks at our lives through the different places and activities where we spend time, including homes, gardens, work, shopping, dating and health. The chapter on sleep I found particularly interesting (especially in the time of Covid-19) and I hadn’t realized the terrifying statistics on the impact of how we spend (or should spend) one-third of our lives. Insomnia is the second most common psychological disorder after chronic pain (affecting on-third of people) and a shortage of sleep leads to a shortage of life.

Everyone would benefit from reading this book to learn a little more about their senses and how they work, but most of all to learn a few simple hacks to help them lead better, happier, and healthier lives

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