Thais believe they have a role to play to solve environmental problems

A recent nationwide survey of 1,000 Thais conducted by Marketbuzzz, in collaboration with Thammasat University School of Global Studies (SGS), found that environment is the number one public concern for Thais (read more here) and that global warming and air pollution are the most important environmental issues to them (read more here).

In this final article, we will explore who Thais believe is most responsible for addressing these concerns and what they would like to see done. More than two-thirds (68%) of those surveyed say that they are willing to support environmentally friendly companies and brands. However, when asked which brands best care for the environment, responses show that Thais do not believe that most brands care, with only PTT making it into double figures at 21% (PTT is the largest Thai company according to Forbes 2021 rankings).

Thais believe that the government is doing too little to help on environmental issues, especially on protecting air quality, reducing the effects of global climate change, protecting water quality, protecting animals and their habitats, and protecting open lands in national parks.

The survey focused on air pollution to understand perceptions of roles and responsibilities. Although one-third of Thais believe that the government has a big role to play, even more of them believe that the people have the most important role to play (42% of those surveyed). Environmental organisations, private sector organisations and international organisations like the UN are perceived as much less responsible.

The survey gives a mixed message. While companies and brands are not seen as caring about these issues, Thais do believe that they have a role to play in their personal choices and actions. Something to build on for the future?

Thanks to Marketbuzzz and Thammasat University School of Global Studies for sharing these findings with TapestryWorks.

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