The Year of Living Coral?

Pantone have just announced their colour of the year, and the choice for 2019 is Living Coral. Their choice reflects a move from the mystic overtones of this year’s Ultra Violet to something they claim is more optimistic, warm and nourishing. They claim the colour is “a beacon of authenticity”, sociable and spirited although its brightness may not feel sociable to everyone.

They also evoke nature and the importance of coral reefs in providing shelter, and interestingly alternative choices of colour of the year from home decoration companies seem to pick up on a nature theme in different ways with Spiced Honey (“a warm shade of amber”) and Night Watch (“a rich, luxurious and classic shade of green”).

The official name of the vibrant but mellow tone is Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral. Do you find it to be joyful and optimistic as Pantone claim? It’s certainly a bold and impactful colour, which they claim will complements a blue palette and does feel very modern. I can’t find any items in my home or office that are even close to Living Coral, but maybe next year will be different. I certainly hope that 2019 is a comeback year for coral reefs!

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