Review of Corporate Social Responsibility Is Not Public Relations by Sangeeta Waldron

This book is a good introduction to the world of CSR and how companies can bring it into the heart of their business. It takes a long-term view of business building a cynical view of much of many corporate attempts at social responsibility, pointing out the problems at the heart of how many approach the issue and recognizing the opportunity cost of not doing this in the right way. Larry Fink of BlackRock once said, “climate risk is investment risk”.

Sangeeta Waldron discusses building a CSR strategy around a company’s core competencies, to align with the values of its workforce, and to recognize the issues that matter to customers. Importantly, she also discusses measuring the return on investment for all stakeholders. She highlights India in one chapter: the first country to make CSR mandatory (in 2014).

An easy read and great introduction to a critical topic.

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