Review of The Status Game: On Social Position and How We Use It by Will Storr

In The Status Game, Will Storr takes a wide-ranging view of human nature and the role of status in our lives. From hunter-gatherers to modern day social media, he describes how status is the ultimate goal and source of much of our behaviour.

Will Storr uses examples from many different fields to support his central argument we are all playing the game of status in everything we do. Having said that, his examples mostly come from the WEIRD world, although he does touch on the role of status in Asian culture (and specifically the importance of ‘face’).

We all crave for success and for the approval of others. It gives us meaning and purpose, and ultimately happiness. Status is one of our evolutionary advantages, helping us survive and thrive. Read this book to better understand yourself. Status is central to the story we tell ourselves about ourselves.

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