Five Lessons for Effective Advertising

WARC has just published a white paper on “Anatomy of Effectiveness” and it’s well worth reading. The report summarizes best thinking, expert opinion and real case studies of brand advertising that creates a greater impact. As they point out, “Poor marketing wastes money, time, attention and resource. All of which we can ill-afford in this fast-moving, resource constrained world.

Data suggests that advertising currently does not drive growth the way it should, is not having the intended impact and, at its worst, alienates the people it is supposed to engage. The report cites a number of examples of this:

  • A study by the Advertising Research Foundation found that 69% of all US TV commercials receive no visual attention
  • Researcher Peter Field says that a focus on short-termism has halved the impact of creativity
  • Lumen Research found that only 12% of supposedly ‘viewable’ ads are actually noticed
  • More than 600 million devices now have ad blocking (“the biggest boycott in history”)

The report highlights five priorities for brands who want to make a greater impact:

Invest for growth by building a strategy with clear (researched) objectives

Balance spend between brand building and performance (tactical) marketing

Be creative, emotional and distinctive to create higher long-term ROI

Plan for reach when brand building and only micro-target tactical advertising

Plan for recognition by developing strong brand assets and using them consistently

The report includes hard evidence, expert commentary and real case studies for each of these five priorities. Anyone involved in branding, marketing and research should read the report. You can download a free copy of the report here.

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