Facelift or Faceless? (Importance of Brand esSense #18)

You may not have noticed, but Facebook have a new brand identity which, in their words is, “designed for clarity, inspired by people”. The company says that they want to be clearer about the range of products and services they offer, establish distinction for the Facebook app (which retains the old logo) and, “communicate our purpose to the world” (alarm bells should be ringing by now).

The new design is supposed to, “support clarity, empathy and creating space”. It has a flexible colour scheme, it can, “be responsive to its context and environment”. The reason you may not have noticed the change is because (IMHO) it’s bland and faceless. It’s also meaningless, as any company that talks about branding “to better communicate our ownership structure” has really lost sight of its customers and its role in their lives. What else is there to say?

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