Review of Grit: Why passion and resilience are the secrets of success by Angela Duckworth

In her book, Angela Duckworth outlines how grit and perseverance shape the success of many people and their endeavours. Based on years of research interwoven with the personal journey of her and her family, she explains what grit is and why it matters, how to develop your own grit and how it is influenced by the environment around you.

Angela Duckworth ties grit to the concept of purpose (in the personal sense), outlining three steps to achieving it: start with a personal interest, then develop self-disciplined practice, and, as the last step, link that to an external purpose. She also links grit to the idea of mindset developed by Carol Dweck (read review here) and our personal history of success and failure.

Angela Duckworth offers plenty of practical advice on developing your own grit and that of children, sports teams and organisations. The book is an enjoyable read and a great introduction to the psychology of resilience.


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