Can Brand Logos Social Distance? (Importance of Brand esSense #21)

While brands like Nike are urging people to ‘just do it at home’ (with apps and videos) and Guinness create another beautiful ad, other brands have used their logos to reinforce the importance of social distancing to customers. McDonalds’s, Coca-Cola, Audi and Volkswagen have redesigned their logos to communicate social distancing.

McDonald’s Brazil pulled apart its iconic golden arches explaining that it can “always be together” with its customers even if they are physically distant (McDonald’s is one of the companies that have introduced ‘contactless’ delivery). Similarly, Audi and Volkswagen have distanced the elements of their logos too, while reinforcing the social distancing message and Coca-Cola’s flagship Times Square advertising board now separates the brands letters in their iconic handwritten script.

While it’s great to see brands reinforcing positive messaging about staying safe, using and reinforcing their brand assets, it would also be good to see them making a positive contribution to communities and stakeholders too. They should be creative in helping people maintain normal lifestyles in the present times, as well as supporting their staff and those that rely on them (see examples here). Messaging is great, but please ‘just do it’ as well.


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