10 Books Every Market Researcher Should Read

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Have time on your hands? Would you like to broaden your market research? These are my suggestions of 10 great books to read (if you haven’t already) that will give you great ideas for your work and life (in alphabetical order).


#1 Decoded: The science behind why we buy by Phil Barden

Packed full of real brand examples, this is an overview of behavioural science applied to shopper research. Long summary and review here.


#2 The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman

The best introduction to human-centred design and research. Period.


#3 How Customers Think by Gerald Zaltman

A great read on the importance of researching the non-conscious mind and implicit drivers of behaviour. Read a detailed article about visual thinking in research here.


#4 How Brands Grow: What marketers don’t know by Byron Sharp

The best introduction to marketing science available. Expect plenty of myth busting. read a summary and review here.


#5 Mindframes by Wendy Gordon

How to think as a market researcher, written by one of the great market researchers. Full review here.


#6 Rule Makers, Rule Breakers by Michele Gelfand

An easy-to-read introduction to cross-cultural differences. It may even explain why some countries are suffering from the pandemic more than others. Read a review here.


#7 Slide:ology by Nancy Duarte

One of the best books to read on practical data visualization even with basic tools like PowerPoint.


#8 Universal Methods of Design by Bruce Hanington & Bella Martin

An encyclopedia of techniques for research and design thinking.


#9 Using Semiotics in Marketing by Rachel Lawes

An up-to-date introduction to semiotics by one of the world’s leading practitioners. Written in clear easy-to-follow language, unlike most books on semiotics. You can read a summary and review here.


#10 Weapons of Math Destruction by Kathy O’Neill

A great read on the implications of ‘big data’. How objective are the models that market researchers create (click here for review)? (The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver would be a great follow-up).


That’s my 10 (or maybe 11, I did cheat a little). What are your suggestions? Please share your recommendations with everyone and enjoy reading!


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