How LEGO are building their brand archetype (Importance of Brand esSense #17)

LEGO are launching their first full spectrum campaign in 30 years, “celebrating the endless potential of creativity and play”. The brand is linking the cultivation of creativity and the need to change the world, supported by Lego’s long-term positioning as a way to imagine creative solutions and new worlds.

The campaign builds on many other brand activities including The Lego Movie and even their Lego Serious Play targeted at business innovation. More importantly, it builds strongly on their long-term equity as a brand for imagination and discovery as outlined in Brand esSense. The brand name comes from the Danish phrase “leg godt” which means “play well”.

The TV spots show a malleable world where everything isn’t always as it appears, filled with human versions of Lego characters where everything is built according to Lego systems. The campaign focuses less on the product itself, although plenty are included, and more on the core brand value of inspiring children of all ages to be more creative with their thinking. You can see the first spot featuring a rabbit here.

Lego itself has shown their ability to constantly rebuild their brand, with their recent move into augmented reality and a smartphone app that lets animated scenes interact with physical objects.

The campaign doesn’t directly address social issue facing the world, but implicitly hints at the possibility of making a better world. Lego is a brand that truly understands its brand essense as an Artist archetype and builds and strengthens this with most of their marketing.

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