Review of Using Semiotics in Retail by Rachel Lawes

This is another must-read from Rachel Lawes, following on from Using Semiotics in Marketing published in 2020 (read the review here). In the follow-up, Rachel Lawes discusses how to engage shoppers and drive sales at point-of-sale with a number of case studies, themed discussions and thought pieces to stimulate ideas.

The book is endorsed by Unilever, with one chapter devoted to a discussion of how they apply semiotics to develop their brand portfolio. Overall, the main theme of the book is about how to create meaning for brands at point-of-sale using semiotics as a key tool to understand existing meanings and develop new directions and executions. This is a great read for anyone working in marketing, retail, research and business in general, and a great companion to Using Semiotics in Marketing (long review here). Highly recommended.

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